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Osvaldo & Timara Arancibia

God put on our hearts even before we married the desire to serve Him as a couple in Bolivia. We returned to the US in 2006 with the intention of returning to Bolivia once Timara completed school, but years passed as we prayed for an opportunity and waited on God’s timing. Finally, in the fall of 2012, Timara found out about the need for a couple to run the SIM Guesthouse through a friend of hers who is currently a SIM worker in Bolivia. We prayed about it, applied for it and were thrilled when SIM approved us for the position.

Through this ministry we hope to serve other missionaries by providing rest and peace for seasoned workers needing to recharge, an orientation to Bolivia for those just arriving, and an organized, functional central meeting space where God can infuse His people with His plans for reaching Bolivia with His story. Osvaldo will also be an accounting resource and together we desire to start a discipleship ministry with young Bolivian families through our church there.

We are very excited about returning to Bolivia with our two precious children. God has given our family a deep desire to be part of the work He is doing there to bring life and hope. We are humbled and delighted to be part of His plans for Bolivia.

Pam & Sam Bryant

Since 1978 Sam and Pam have been serving in Mexico in a variety of key support roles. The administrative assistance and practical help that they give to the linguists allows them to focus on research, publishing written materials and to train others. They are currently responsible for oversight of 3 separate facilities in Mexico, for managing visa applications, as well as legal representation for the non-profit organization in Mexico. The Bryants need to strengthen their partnership team in order to continue serving in this way. Please consider how you might partner with them financially, in prayer, or by encouraging others to partner with the Bryants.

Jeanne Austin

Jeanne Austin serves with Wycliffe Bible Translators and began work among the indigenous Popoloca people of Mexico during the early 1980’s. At that time, the Popolocan language was not in written form, it was an oral language. Jeanne’s work began by creating an alphabet, grammar and ultimately, a written form of Popoloca. Her team then began translating the New Testament into Popolocan. In addition, they began literacy projects that enabled the Popoloca to read their own language for the very first time.

Jeanne continues to faithfully serve the Poploca people. Please pray that many Popoloca will grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and that many more will come to know Him. In addition, pray for the unhindered reception of final presentation in the village of San Luis on December 4th.

Nathanael & Darla Gregoriev

The Gregorievs are supporting Bible Translation in Cameroon, Africa through the non-printed word. After 150 years of literacy-based strategy we realize we will miss half of the world if they must learn to read. That is where the Gregorievs come in as Vernacular Media Specialists. They are based in the capital city of Yaoundé. They work with translators and literacy workers to develop non-print ideas for putting the Scriptures into the hands of people. They use things like the JESUS Film, LUKE film, Acts film, Hope film, DVDs, CDs, and micro SD cards. We believe that no one should be left behind because they cannot read. The Lord blessed them with Eliana during their first term. She was born in Cameroon! The Gregorievs are seeking partners in their Wycliffe ministry. Please prayerfully consider joining their ministry team through prayer and financial partnership.

Water of Life

Water of Life (WOL) is an approved, allowed and registered NGO through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Cambodia. It provides education, medical assistance, life skills and Christian discipleship to over Khmer on a weekly basis. Randy Fleming is the Director, with Cambodian leaders Rith Sang, TongChou Chiu and Channa Bo assisting. The ministry center in Phnom Penh is home to  young men between the ages of 14- 25   who needed assistance in life, and resources to complete their education. A house for college age girls to receive college education and/or life skills is also located nearby. The Children of Hope Home also finds its shelter under the wings of Water of Life and is home to about 20 children between the ages of 1-13.  Each week the ministry center offers courses in English, computer science and fine arts the students attend in addition to their normal schooling.  The classes are open to the community and   provide   an opportunity for our young men and women to share the love of Jesus with their peers. Our desire is to help people but only Jesus can fill their lives with hope. For that reason, the heartbeat of our ministry is the study of God’s Word.  Jesus said, “You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.” Such has been the impact of God’s Word on our lives here at Water of Life. Each night the ministry center hosts student led Bible studies and worship times.  Our boys and girls take turns teaching from passages read in their one-year, daily Bible reading plan.   It’s been amazing to see the healing power of God’s Word changing their lives in ways secular programs and counseling could never do.  Because of their love for Jesus and desire to serve Him a church has been birthed and many of the students are now serving as children’s ministry workers, worship leaders, youth group leaders, sound technicians and even pastors!  The work is now spreading to various provinces and villages as they desire to share the life changing message of the gospel with whoever will listen.

Gilgal Gospel Mission

Preaching Christ & Planting Churches in India since 1974

Rick & Marilyn Fodey

I just completed twelve years with Wycliffe Associates, writing and editing exegetical Biblical commentary to be used by multi-lingual pastors around the world in the work of Bible translation. My wife Marilyn works with manuscript editing of the works of the Bible for the country of Mexico. I will be moving into the area of local church ministry–teaching teachers.