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Additional Resources - LifePoint Kids

Hi LifePoint Kid Families,

I hope you all had a great Easter and had some quality time to spend with your kids and family reflecting on what Christ did for us and how much he loves us!

I have compiled a few free resources you can use at home to help you continue to disciple your kids at home and to help your whole family fix your eyes on Christ and not the worry and fear in the world right now. 

From now until May 31st, Lifetree Kids is allowing you to stream their music for FREE with the code STREAMNOW. This is where almost all of our music for Sunday school comes from and is made by the same publishers that publish our curriculum and VBS. This is an awesome resource that has so many fun songs to relate to our lessons or that your kids may already know from VBS!

Lifetree Kids Music Streaming


I have also attached a few PDF’s of free family devotionals I have been sent, the Friends with God sample has one about Jesus’ death and resurrection. The family devotional experience PDF is designed to take about 15 minutes and has links to videos and songs to help drive each point home for your kids, I love these two devotionals.


You could also read pages from the Notes from Jesus sample attached as a devotional. I love the style of the writing of this, I think it is written in a very easy way for kids to understand, but the message is so powerful. This one was bigger so I have to send it in drive but if you open it it will send me and email so I can share it with you.


Here is the link to an awesome YouTube channel that creates short animated Bible stories, and teaches some extra lessons, we also use this one a lot in church. 

Saddleback Kids YouTube Channel


Here is the link to another YouTube channel that we have also used in church and that I personally love because it has amazing and really powerful messages and explanations of the Bible on a level that really impacts kids and adults! I will also link this channel’s website because they have a few short devotional questions that go with each video so that you can use them as family devotionals. 

Douglas Talks YouTube Channel

Douglas Talks Website for Video Devotionals


Below, there is a PDF of a picture book Bible story you can read this week about Jesus’ death called Friends with God Story Bible which talks about how Jesus died for us because he loves us so so much.


If you have preteens or teens as well as kids at home, here is the link to a few really awesome devotionals written on a preteen/teen level. I am only attaching a few but I do have links for more, if you would like me to send you more let me know.  

Devotional 1    Devotional 2

Devotional 3    Devotional 4


I hope you find these resources to be useful, now that we are a few weeks into this quarantine I’m sure we are all going a little crazy, tired of being stuck at home, and running out of things to do so I wanted to give you a few new options to pull out of your pocket if your kids start to get bored. I think a huge blessing that can come of this time is getting in the habit of setting aside a few minutes each day to grow in Christ as a family every single day, and I hope some of these links will help you accomplish this! 


Thank you for raising the next generation of LifePoint,

Kayla Warrick